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The Latest! I've started something new with my photography and my brother called "PANES IN THE SASH", we bring old windows back to life with images taken during my photography journey over the years. As this is all still relatively new(we only started this new venture in August 2022), I don't have much on my site yet for information or windows available but it is in the works. If you are interested in purchasing a window or perhaps a custom order, please do not contact me through this page, instead send me a direct email at: chrishess00@gmail.com, or text me at 905 658 2513. All of my photography images are available to transfer over onto our windows, if there's something you're interested in, just ask! Thank you for your patience and understanding! All of my prints are available to purchase for personal, commercial and website use as well. My shopping page is still currently under construction and I hope to have it completed soon but in the mean time, if there’s a print you wish to purchase, just drop me an email and I’ll be sure to get back to you asap!